Specifying files

When referencing file names/paths that contain spaces, you must surround them with "speech marks":

$ kryptor -e "GitHub Logo.png"
$ kryptor -e "C:\Users\samuel-lucas6\Downloads\GitHub Logo.png"

Files in the same directory as the kryptor executable can be specified using a file name:

$ kryptor -e file.txt​

However, files that are in a different directory (e.g. in your Documents folder) must be specified using a file path:

$ kryptor -e "C:\Users\samuel-lucas6\Documents\file.txt​"

Multiple files and/or directories can be specified at once:

$ kryptor -e file1.txt file2.jpg file3.mp4 Photos Videos

If you've installed Kryptor as a package, these rules apply to the working directory. The cd command on Windows and pwd on Linux/macOS can be used to print the working directory.

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