Some common example commands are listed below. For step-by-step instructions and additional functionality, please see the different sections.


  • Encrypt a file/directory with a passphrase:

kryptor --encrypt --passphrase "path/to/unencrypted_file"
  • Decrypt an encrypted file with a passphrase:

kryptor --decrypt --passphrase "path/to/encrypted_file"
  • Generate a new key pair (stored in ~/.kryptor) for encryption or signing:

kryptor --generate
  • Encrypt a file/directory to one or more recipient public keys:

kryptor --encrypt --public Cu//0bQcNYsWeSMwh+sZlJjDIRajfxn65x0qY0MHanPAjlk= --public Cu//Rwvoo8l1x0/bn6yg3p2+SMWSzKhDdPqvlYRFLNaaFSU= "path/to/unencrypted_file"
  • Decrypt a file sent to your public key using your default private key and the sender's public key:

kryptor --decrypt --public Cu//2M5FqAnxmW7PiKxIqLmKEPNxT1Kdkm4U3K/Gr++6OAQ= "path/to/encrypted_file"
  • Sign a file with your default private key:

kryptor --sign "path/to/unsigned_file"
  • Verify a signature using someone's public key:

kryptor --verify --public Ed//bnY+xqUXVMaaI0poBwTqDRlKA9+x9FjlDAHE9MmXKG4= "path/to/signed_file"

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