The libsodium library is used for all cryptography, allowing for top-notch security and performance. You can read the full technical details here.


  • Encrypt files/folders with a password, keyfile, or asymmetric keys.
  • Encrypting files using a recipient's public key allows for authenticated, one-way file sharing.​​
  • Create and verify digital signatures, with support for an authenticated comment and prehashing.​
  • Generation of asymmetric key pairs. The private key is encrypted for protection at rest.​
  • UNIX style password entry and random passphrase generation.
  • Random keyfile generation. Any type of file can also be used as a keyfile.
  • Obfuscate output file names when encrypting files/folders.
  • Overwrite input files when encrypting files/folders.


  • Kryptor runs locally on your computer. No personal data is ever collected or sent to anyone.​
  • Kryptor runs offline unless you run the -u|--update command, which downloads a text file from GitHub. You can read GitHub's Privacy Statement here.
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